Treasure Generator Up to Date?

Is the treasure generator up to date? I mean, can you roll a scroll of a spell from the Player's Companion for example? If not, any possibility this could be updated at some point?

No; it is not that up to date. I'd been planning to do some additions/revisions in concert with the alternate treasure tables from HFC...

That being said, adding the PC spells looks pretty simple, all I really need is a list that looks like

Spell Name,X,Y

where X and Y are the divine and arcane levels of the spell, respectively, and if there is no div/arc version, the value is zero.

I expect I can find a place to yoink that from if one of our esteemed family does not beat me to it.

Oh if your going to modify it, it could be worth while to add in formula to the loot (if it isnt already).  It is often mentioned that formula can be found as loot, but isnt in any loot tables.  Though not sure if an Axiom addresses that.

Great observation, Loswaith. One of my players mentioned that as a deficiency in the loot tables a few months ago.

Hm. Would formula replace actual magic items at some random percentage, as we have special treasures replace coin now?  

Has Alex weighed in on any of the other threads on it?

Might be worth seeing if we can slip it in HFH as well. In many cases, I could actually see finding formulae more often than the items; espc. if the locations have been somewhat pre-looted hastily or by inexpert looters.