Treasure Questions

I had to roll up some special treasure today and kind of hit a wall. several of the tables on pg 209 reference themselves and have a range beyond the die you are told to roll.
Like roll 1d8 for ornaments…on a 5-10 you get an ornament…?
Several tables are like this
Also what is the treasure type for opponents built as pcs?

I assumed that the reference to itself means that there is no special treasure for that roll.
As for your second question, there is a table on page 248 for determining the treasure type of an NPC Party.
I hope that helps.

Mage has answered it correctly.
First calculate the treasure normally and divide it into lots: 1 piece of jewelry, 1 gem, or 1,000 coins is a lot. Then roll on the table below for each lot of coin, gems, and jewelry and substitute the special treasure rolled for that lot of coin, gems, or jewelry.
If the result indicates a lot of coin, gems, or jewelry, then that simply means there is no substitute.
For example, let’s say a treasure hoard consists of 1,000 silver pieces. That’s 1 lot of silver. I roll 1d20 on the special treasure table. If I roll an 11, then there’s no special treausre - it’s just 1,000sp. If I roll a 2, it’s 2d4 jars of lamp oil worth 20gp each instead.

Still, stuff’s off. Subtable for ornamentals tells us to roll d8, while listing 5-10 result and subtable for regalia tells us to roll d10, the highest result being 4-8.
EDIT: haven’t checked the typos thread, turns out the ornamentals bit was already pointed out, sorry

It’s not just the Ornamental table though.
Gems, Brilliants, trinkets, Jewelry, and regalia all reference themselves at the high end:
Trinket roll 1-8, on a 4-8 you get…a trinket for example. While that works for gems and jewelry, it makes no sense for things that only exist on their own table.

Trinkets, regalia, ornamentals, and brilliants are all come from the Treasure Type Table.
Trinkets are a type of treasure that is generated by Treasure Types A B, C, D, E, F, and G.
Regalia are a type of treasure generated by TT P and R.
Ornamentals are a type of treasure generated by TT A, B, D, E, and G.
Brilliants are a type of treasure generated by TT K, M, O, P, Q, and R.

Yes but how do you figure out their value or what they are when the table recursively points back to itself?

The value of ornamentals, gems, and brilliants is on p. 207, on the ‘Gem Value’ table.
The value of trinkets, jewelry, and regalia is also on p.207, on the ‘Jewelry Value’ table.