Treasure value of chaotic items

In the Sinister Stone of Sakkara, Lairs, etc. I see a lot of loot in the form of unholy symbols, bone fetishes, engraved human teeth, etc. These have significant cash value, e.g., 20 gp for a bone fetish, 60 for the human teeth, 100 for an unholy symbol. I think the symbols are silver and the bones and teeth have little value as materials, so this isn’t the melt-down value but the value of the items as is.

Who is buying this stuff? Do the characters have to find a secret market of worshippers of chaos to sell the symbols to? Do they need to find a collector of obscure curios to sell the teeth? The bone fetishes I can rationalize I guess: maybe ordinary people pay for them in the belief that they ward off bad luck or evil spirits.

You can assume they get sold to various curios collectors, antiquarians, sages, and so on. If you check out Capital of the Borderlands, you’ll see in the various merchants some of the types of buyers that would purchase such things.

If you want to go more in-depth and make it a role-playing experience, though, that can certainly be fun.