TV Tropes and All The Tropes

Hello Ascendant fans! I will soon be launching an effort to get Ascendant into TVTropes and AllTheTropes.

I could use some help in assembling a list of which tropes appear in the game and graphic novel. So far I have identified:
Acid Attack (Toxicant)
Anti Hero (Stiletto)
Atomic Superpower (Free Radical)
Battle Aura (Fireball, Karma Fire, Toxicant, Aurora)
The Baroness (Helen Killer)
The Big Guy (Stronghold)
The Brute (Manticore)
Blood Knight (Serengeti)
The Brigadier (Hawkins)
The Cape (American Eagle)
The Chick (Aurora)
Combat Sadomasochist (Stiletto)
Combat Stilettos (basically all the women)
Dark is Evil (subverted, Shadowmancer)
Deflector Shields (DQ, Aurora, Free Radical)
Dominatrix (Stiletto)
Dressed Like a Dominatrix (Aurora, Singularity)
Femme Fatalons (Stiletto)
Flying Brick (American Eagle)
Flying Firepower (Aurora, DQ, FR, Max Leader, Toxicant)
Gentle Giant (Stronghold)
Glass Cannon (Aurora)
Gravity Master (Singularity)
Hand Blast (Aurora, FR, Max Leader, Toxicant)
Healing Factor (Manticore)
I Believe I Can Fly (AE, Aurora, DQ, FR, Max Leader, Singularity)
The Lancer (Stiletto)
Le Parkour (Stiletto)
Light is Good (Aurora)
Light 'em Up (Aurora)
Lightning Bruiser (Fireball, Manticore)
Living Aphrodisiac (Stiletto)
Long-Range Fighter (Aurora, F.R., Manticore, Max Leader)
The Leader (American Eagle, Maximum Leader)
Mission Briefing (novel)
Misssion Control (Anderson and Hawkins)
Nigh-Invulnerability (AE, Manticore, Stronghold)
Mr Exposition (Hawkins)
Person of Mass Destruction (military grade ascendants)
Psychic Powers (Helen Killer)
Psychic Radar (Helen Killer)
Roof Hopping (Stiletto)
Seeing Through Another’s Eyes (Helen Killer)
The Smart Guy (Dr Quantum)
Spy Catsuit (Helen Killer)
Stock Superheropowers (many)
Stone Wall (Stronghold)
SuperHeroOrigin (all)
SuperHearing (Stiletto)
SuperIntelligence (12Sigma, DQ)
SuperReflexes (Stiletto)
With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility (AE, subverted Stiletto)
With Great Power Comes Great Insanity (Manticore)

100% Hero Rating (AE)
Bare Your Midriff (various)
Boobs of Steel (Stiletto)
Captain Patriotic (AE)
Card-Carrying Villain (Manticore)
Cleavage Window (various)
The Cowl (Shadowmancer)
The Dreaded (Stiletto vs El Cartel)
Dark is Not Evil (Shadowmancer)
Dressed All in Rubber (Stiletto, Helen Killer)
Evil Virtues (Max Leader)
Heroic Build (AE, Serengeti)
Ideal Hero (AE)
I Have Boobs You Must Obey (Stiletto)
Leotard of Power (Aurora?)
Of Corsets Sexy (Singularity?)
Opera Gloves (Aurora, Stiletto)
Master Race (Exodus views itself)
Misery Builds Character (Exodus)
Most Common Superpower (all the women)
Most Artists are Male (subverted, Jinky & Mel Joy)
Ubermensch (Max Leader)
Spandex, Latex or Leather (lots of people)
The Social Darwinist (Max Leader, Helen Killer)
Superheroes Wear Capes (AE, Aurora)
Superheroes Wear Tights (everybody)
Super Senses (Aurora, American Eagle, FR, Stiletto)
Super Speed (Flashmob)
Super Strength (AE, Fireball, Manticore, Serengeti, Stronghold)
Super Toughness (AE, Fireball, Manticore, Serengeti, Stronghold)
Stripperific (everybody!)
Reality Warper (Max Leader)
Teleportation (Warp)
Thinking Up Portals (Max Leader, Singularity)
Time Stands Still (Singularity)
Weaponized Teleportation (Warp)
X-Ray Vision (Free Radical)

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