Hello ACKSians-
I’m soliciting your input as to what tropes from TV Tropes characterize ACKS. Here are some of my initial thoughts…

ACKS Overall - adventurer conqueror KING, lol - high level fighters - xp from adventuring

ACKS Classes – bladedancers - mystic

ACKS Campaign Rules – domain rulers tend to be high level characters – high level characters tend to become high level characters - To gain divine power for spell research

Domains at War – Pillaging and Looting – Spoils of War - Sieges - War Elephants are a unit

Auran Empire - Thrassians, Argolleans - Zaharans, Aurans - Nicea – well, you’ll see

Ancient Astronauts? Well, you’ll see them in Barbarian Conqueror King as well :slight_smile:

Going with TvTropes’ tendency to also list works that avert or subvert tropes:

Averted -
Averted, subverted, and generally folded, spindled, AND mutilated -
Averted -
The entire House Rules section -

Spellsword →
Mages →
Fighting Style Shield → Either or , depending on how you look at it.
Weakly averted compared to other versions of D&D, in that the implementation is actually reasonable →

Some really good ones! I hadn’t even thought about the ones we averted.