Two new questions about campaign activities

I have a feeling these are not so much true rules questions.  They're more like deeper details I'll need to fill out someday, and I'm curious how other judges here would do that. But maybe they are genuine rules questions!


First, suppose you've crafted a +1 sword, and later you decide you want to add permanent light to it.  Is it too late because the crafting is done?  Do you have to essentially recraft the item from scratch? Or is it possible to periodically add more and more effects to a magic item?


Second, when a PC pays to construct a stronghold for their henchman-vassal, who should get the 1XP per 2gp?  Or should the PC get to choose?

1) You can continue to add on to a magic weapon or item over time, absolutely. 

2) I think the PC would earn it, then lose it when it goes to the henchman, who would then get 1/2 the XP. So, basically, the henchman.

hmmmm, the description you suggest for #2 offers a little more of a wrinkle than just 4GP : 1 XP.  it conjures in my mind images of finding "treasure" in the form of abandoned forts in the wilderness that you can use to supplement your XP :-P

Heh. I've done just that; in that my party has taken 'ownership' of a temple-keep worth about 70K. I have yet to hand out the XP for it - I'm thinking about waiting until the first time the have to defend it (and they succeed)


it stands to reason that you should only be able to claim XP for a fort if it's in your domain, so you'll A) need a doman and B) it has to reach to where the fort is (or you have to take the hit for having a disjointed domain)

They took ownership of the domain, as well, at least whatever families were still around, and have made a good amount of investment.

I've been a touch lenient on the whole 'take ownership' process, because they've been taking it seriously and investing, and because I wanted to toy around with domain rulership early (they're 4th level). The stupid pretty (that's not pretty stupid, it's stupid and pretty, high CHA, low common sense) fighter's been running around advertising the fact, though, and as such they're gonna get a nice visit from the neighbors for a cup of sugar and pain here pretty soon.

EDIT: I should add that he also opted be be the governor, and not the landowner, so he's made a good number of peasants very happy - and as part of that he did a tour around the other end of the Carpathians to 'recruit' peasantry. I let him treat it as a bit like mercenary recruiting, as he was essentially asking them to come make ~9gp/mo for themselves (after taxes, etc) rather than toil around for their current ruler for a pittance.