Two things I'm interested in seeing

At the risk of being a totally selfish “me” thread, there are two things I realized I haven’t seen that are of interest to me:

  1. A breakdown of the spell list, with the points each spell is built on. This would be useful for three things: first, spotting the spells that are “overpowered” for their level; second, being able to tweak spells and determine the modified spell’s level more easily; third, for anyone interested in doing an ACKS spell point system, knowing the existing points would be useful.

  2. More sample items made by dwarven machinists. Just what are they up to?

I hate to say this, but you realise you can do a breakdown on all the spells yourself with the Player’s Companion, right? Various posters have already done that in several threads around the forum, and spells like Sleep and Fireball have been the topic of conversation precisely because they break the standard level/point-value ratio. If you think it’s of enough value, you could always start a thread on the topic and see if anyone else joins in to help post point values.

As for sample items, sound like another great thread topic. Maybe start one and see if people post items from their own campaigns, or that they’ve been thinking about.

Regarding the spell list, I would love to have the time to do this as I think it would be useful, but I likely will not. If a dedicated community member finds the time to do it, would definitely host it on the site.

As for the dwarven machinists, there’ll be a few dwarven automatons in our Auran Empire book. Beyond that, again, I’d love to see community work here.

The spell break-down is probably of limited value, given that the spells (I dare to assume) weren’t built with the system, but rather the system was built by reverse-engineering the spells. Same as the classes. ACKS is first a B/X retroclone, second an awesome system crafted by a very meticulously mechanics-minded author… fidelity to the original comes before precise rules. The spells and base classes match the B/X originals, and everything else is built from there…