Types of Orc

I’m currently adapting Keep on the Borderlands (with liberal use of 2e’s Return to the Keep on the the Borderlands) to use with ACKS which for me seems to mean rebuilding the Caves so they fit with ACKS lairs. In doing so I noticed something though, under “Orc” it says that orcosh shamen have all the statistics of an orc -bodyguard- with 1d6 levels of clerical ability. The only problem is the stats for an orc bodyguard aren’t listed. I’m using the sub-chieftain stats since that seems to be the default but I just wondering if I missed something.

A shaman is equivalent to a sub-chieftain statistically, but has Clerical abilities at level 1d6. A witch doctor is equivalent to a champion statistically, but has Mage abilities at level 1d4.

This was corrected in the second printing / errata. I apologize for the confusion!