Here’s a thread for collecting errors to be fixed in the next update of the PDF, and which will help future collectors spot the warts that distinguish a rare and highly valuable copy of the first printing of ACKS.
Bill Owens should be Bill Owen
James (misspelled last name) should be James Maliszewski
James Edward Raggi III should be James Edward Raggi IV
From RPG.net, a typo in the Introduction
In the following text, the word “from” is printed in what looks to be superscript; “The narrative is written from the perspective of Farlaghn, a character created by co-developer Greg Tito…”

Possibly not in the category of a “typo” but rather a stylistic inconsistency.
Throughout the Introduction, when referring to a chapter, the title of the the chapter is given, e.g., “…can be found in Chapter 7, Campaigns.”
However, in the sentence, “Acquiring unique and powerful magic items, as presented in Chapter 9, is one popular way to…”, you leave out the “Treasure” title.
Having said this, the convention does lead to an awkward sentence, “As described in Chapter 1, Characters, characters traditionally form…”

Page 13. Section heading “ROLLING THE DICE”. The letters “O”, “G” and “C” all appear to be in a slightly larger font.
Edit: Now that I look further, it looks like that particular upper-case title font is screwy in that way throughout (e.g., see also “THROWING THE DICE” & “WHAT KIND OF DIE SHOULD YOU USE?”). The above letters all consistently look slightly larger, as does the letter “S”. If you then look at the dice notation table or the common notation table, the fonts are similarly uneven. Perhaps that is the intended style, but it looks a bit odd.

Stainless, I believe that the inconsistency you are seeing actually is a result of how your monitor is displaying the font we used in the PDF. If you print a page, it should not be visible. Likewise the inconsistency may disappear at different resolution sizes or zoom levels.

The table for ornamentals has a line from another table:
Roll 1d8 per ornamental:
1 1d12 silver arrows, each worth 5gp
2 1d6 pouches of belladonna or wolfsbane, each worth 10gp
3 1d4 pouches of saffron, each worth 15gp
4-8 1 ornamental
5-10 1,000 platinum pieces

Thanks, Wilmer. This also occurs on page 125, with the Domain Worship table, and in the Equipment section under Lodging (sheep are not actually housing…)

Page 126:
Bladedancer Followers:
1d6 1st–3rd level bl. dancers
or is this just an abbreviation?

Having the pdf released before the print copy allows these types of issues (i.e., typos) to be resolved (many eyes helps greatly in identifying typos). Are you going to hold off on printing for a time, until the typos decrease and you can be more assured of a clean version for printing, or is it too late and it’s already being printed? I personally would be happy to run with just the pdf for a time (months) in order to ensure a clean print version.

Stainless, our backers and pre-orders were able to download the PDF prior to its wide release, and many did so and found typos just as you say. All of those were fixed; unfortunately the file that was sent to the printer is the same as the one that was commercially released, so the typos we’re finding now will appear in the hardback edition.
If our first printing sells out, of course, we will go back to press with these typos fixed. And while I hope these warts are minor enough that folks will go ahead and help us sell out of the first printing, another option would be to use one of our sales partners’ print on demand services (which will be enabled around the same time that the hardbacks are in store) to get a softcover copy of a later edition of the wart-fixed PDF.

@tavis: >>If our first printing sells out…<<
Speaking of selling out. Are you able to provide us with a print-run number or is this a secret? Just out of curiosity…Thanks

Not a secret, but also not 100% accurate as Greg Tito was the one dealing with the printer; that said I think it was 1,000 copies. That’s about three times as many as the previous publisher I was part of, Behemoth3, sold of each of its books; however Adventurer Conqueror King equalled those sales numbers through Kickstarter alone, so 1K seemed like a good estimate.

Top of page 14. “…riskiness and randomness of the situation character is facing.”
There is a missing “the”, should read;
“…riskiness and randomness of the situation THE character is facing.”


  • all links to individual chapters from the text outside the Table of Contents are broken. (Well, maybe some work, but I don’t think I’ve run across any.) Page 10 HOW TO USE THIS BOOK is a good example.
  • similarly for Mortal Wounds and Tampering With Mortality tables. All – or at least most – inline links to those are broken.
    Individual pages:
    p. 7
    First paragraph refers to Treasure, which is not linkified.
    p. 94
  • Surprise table, first row should probably be: 1-2, not 2-.
    p. 102
  • Monster Attack Throw table, unclear. Should presumably have rows: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8-9, etc. instead. (Now it’s hard to tell if a 6 HD monster is supposed to be read from the row “5+ and 6” or “6+ and 7”…)
  • Character Attack Throw table, last row should be: 14, not 14-15. …unless you’re planning to add levels past 15. :slight_smile:
    p. 104
  • Not a typo as such, but…: “DOUBLE DAMAGE Whenever damage is doubled (from backstabbing or charging, for instance), multiply the standard damage roll by two. Bonuses to the damage roll, such as from magic or strength adjustments, are not doubled.” should probably be “DAMAGE MULTIPLIERS Whenever damage is multiplied (from backstabbing or charging, for instance), multiply the standard damage roll. Bonuses to the damage roll, such as from magic or strength adjustments, are not multiplied.” …since multipliers other than 2 get used as well.
  • EFFECTS OF DAMAGE says the d6 is modified, should probably say unmodified instead.

demoss: What version of the pdf are you using? I just tried a sampling of the links, and they’re working for me (v 431, in Preview on a Mac).

The one currently up on DrivethruRPG: ACKS_1E_20120131v431DTR.pdf. Just redownloaded to double-check.
Preview on Mac as well – ditto for Goodreader on iPad. Spell links, etc, are fine.
If I hover on top of the chapter links in the HOW TO USE THIS BOOK section on p. 10, they all display as “Go to page (null)”.
If I do the same on top of the “ability scores” link near the bottom of the same page, it displays as “Go to page 16”.

Page 16. Last sentence “Some class may have other minimum ability requirements which must be met in addition.”
I think it should be “classes”, not “class”.
While I’m here;
Page 8. Second column. Start of dialogue. “We rode out the gates and the massive wings…”
Personally I think it should read “We rode out of THE gates and…” but some may not find this an issue.
Lastly, all the hyperlinks I’ve clicked on so far are working. I’m viewing with Acrobat 9 Pro on a Windows 7 PC and obtained my pdf from the GameSalute site.

Page 114: ADJUSTMENTS TO XP section refers to both bonuses and penalties from prime requisites, but the prime requisite rules on p. 17 only provide bonuses.

re: PDF links: I think there’s something wrong with the version demoss is downloading from DTR. All of the links on page 10 are working for me, and the hovers are accurate.

P. 125, Divine Worship table: last row is -4, should either not be there at all, or be +5 or more.

This is probably picking at nits, but…
p. 19
“2 1st level spells”, should be “two 1st level spells”.
“1 2nd level spell”, should be “one 2nd level spell”.
“4 1st level spells”, should be “four 1st level spells”.
“3 2nd level spells”, should be “three 2nd level spells”.
p. 124
“2 1st level spells”, should be “two 1st level spells”.
“1 2nd level spell”, should be “one 2nd level spell”.