Undead Legion Costs

I was reading the Undead Legion spell description in the current draft of the Player’s Companion and the example says that training and equipping 1400 heavy infantry costs 177,800gp. I am wondering how you arrived at that number? I plugged some numbers into a spreadsheet and even if you assume that the ruler of a domain is paying for the armorer (plus apprentices and journeymen), the weapons and armor, the cost still would be a lot less than 177,800gp. What am I missing here?

Hmmm. Without knowing your exact data, I’d guess you are missing (1) the standard mercenary kit (45gp of supplies needed for campaigning in the field) and (2) the training costs of 9gp for one month’s training. The net result is that it costs 127gp to train and equip a heavy infantryman.
Standard kit for all mercenaries is the equipment noted for their troop type plus the following equipment: Military tunic, pair of boots, backpack, tent, wool blanket, waterskin.
This is all described in Domains at War v12. If you were an ACKS core backer you should have gotten access to download.

I missed the first kickstarter because I found out about the game a little late. I bought the core book off of Drivethru RPG. I did get a chance to back the player’s companion. Is there any way I can get Domains at War?
Edit: Thanks for the quick response. :slight_smile:

We’ll be offering it for sale soon, as well as offering a free download version. Stand by!

Sounds cool. I can’t wait! :slight_smile: