Undead Legions in Domains of War

I wonder, has anyone ever decided how leading undead legions in Domains of War would work? Things like moral and paying them? Obviously you'd probably only have to pay for their equipment, since zombies don't really need to be paid, but how does one deal with moral and other upkeep of the undead soldiers?

I feel like this was answered elsewhere, but I believe your squad leaders/lietenants/etc. need to be evil clerics/mages who can cast control undead.

Domains at War: Campaigns page 31-32. Mindless undead qualify as Controlled troops, which means that you must have someone capable of controlling them. Intelligent undead can be hired or controlled.

D@W:C page 38 tells us the supply cost for various units of undead creatures. (It’s mostly zero.) Page 33 reminds us that you do not need to pay the monthly wages of creatures that you have personally controlled or enslaved. (If you’re hiring evil clerics to control your undead legions, they would expect to be paid the monthly wage of their legions, as with renting other enslaved units.)

Most undead don’t have any real equipment, but I suspect that’s rolled into their supply cost/wages. As far as morale, D@W:B page 79 reminds us that mindless undead, like skeletons and zombies, have a morale score of N/A and need never check morale. Ghouls and other intelligent undead do have morale scores, but ACKS Core page 151 reminds us that controlled undead need never check morale either.

There are some other details about forced marching the undead and such that I remember seeing (unless your controllers are also undead, they don’t get a bonus to forced marches, because they can’t outmarch the clerics controlling them. Well, they could, but you don’t want that) and that sort of thing.

Wow thanks! I should have read that a lot better.

It’s easy to miss, there’s a lot of information in D@W :slight_smile: