Uninterrupted Rest and Daily Spells

So, how “uninterrupted” is “uninterrupted” when it comes to nightly rest?

If somebody wakes you, is that interrupted? What if there’s an encounter, but no combat? What if there’s a combat, but you’re not in it?

I can see an argument for attacking or being attacked as being an interruption.

Does casting a spell interrupt rest?

If you roll a random encounter during the evening, are the spell-casters hosed?

As a rule of thumb, I generally say that your rest is interrupted if you attack, are attacked, cast a spell, flee/run, or engage in more than 6 turns (1 hour) of  sedentary activity. 

So if you ignore a swirling melee occurring around your camp, you’re fine, even if it is very loud? Cool.

Nerdnumber1: That's why I said "rule of thumb" and not "official rule".


I’m just envisioning a slightly bored, slightly irritated, groggy mage popping her head out of a tent at the sound of combat, seeing that the fighter has it “taken care of”, then calmly retreating into the tent and falling asleep.