Upcoming Products?

I wouldn’t have thought to look for it, but Tavis posted on at an OSR G+ community about it. Looks great, guys!

which G+ community?

Will the PDFs be available through RPGNow anytime soon?


It might be a good idea for Tavis or someone to start an ACKS Google+ community?

I will send an email followup to backers who might not have seen the Kickstarter update on Thursday. Pre-orders have to be fulfilled by Game Salute, since they maintain that list of orders and emails. I asked them to do this after sending the update to backers, and will call them to check on the status tomorrow. The PDF will be available on RPGnow after we’re sure all backers and pre-orders have had it for a while.

Understandable and perfectly sensible.

thanks! I joined it.

I'll do that! For those of you with more G+ community expertise, should it be public or invite-only?

They’re still a relatively new thing, so not sure there’s any experts about. :slight_smile:

But from what I’ve seen, most general communities have posts inviting those there into more focused sub-communities. So I’d make one and maybe throw an invite in the OSR and/or RPG communities.