Using buff spells on Monsters

Hey all, just a quick question here. Alex has stated that the stats for monsters/men/fantastic creatures/others in the rule book is for someone with average level stats (all 9-12).

My question is what happens when you cast something like Ogre Power on a fantastic creature? Does it gain the effective +3 to hit/damage that a person would? Can you bless/bard song allied creatures?

With things like Haste does it double attacks for things with more than one attack? 

To be fair, anything you did this on would have a flashing neon sign over it's head saying "Please cast dispel magic on me" but it's quite powerful if you have surprise/can stop their casters.

Yes. Lairs & Encounters has some details on how ability score modifiers affect monsters. Bigger monsters get a bigger benefit from Strength, among other things. 

Haste doubles a creature's attack sequence. In the original Auran Empire campaign a mage cross-breed a giant spider with a 12-headed hydras to make 12-headed spider that had poison with every attack. Then he hasted it...

To be fair, though, it's a Judge's decision as to whether a creature with multiple brains counts as one or multiple creatures for such purposes, as well as for purposes of Charm and so on. (If you charm an Ettin, do both heads get charmed? If you haste a hydra, is it all the heads or just one?)

10 headed hydra with haste, growth and ward against magic, still killed by poisoned arrow. 

What the heck are you planning Nimas!?

What am I planning? At this very moment, how I can get a 10-Headed Hydra to read a scroll out loud.

To be fair, I'm *also* planning a few other things (which I'll probably have to get clarifications from people) which may come up later. And be hilarious.

As a quick aside, I must say I really do like ACKS version of Anti-Magic Shell over the standard D&D version. It means it has *actual* application for players as opposed to being something almost exclusively used by the DM for something which they could frankly just handwave :P

A question to Alex however, do you have any idea when the PDF version (or whichever releases first) of Lair & Encounters will release? I've actually seen that a few of my questions are answered in that book, but as it's only released for those who backed the Indiego campaign, I can't actually see any of the rules :P

Hi Nimas!

Glad you like our version of Anti-Magic Shell.

I anticipate the PDF being avalable on DTRPG on December 1st. If you've backed L&E as a Kickstarter backer you also should have gotten it, too, not just IndieGoGo. If you missed the crowdsourcing efforts entirely and just desperately need to buy in ASAP, let me know and we can work something out.

Thanks for that Alex. Glad to know it's due in 10 days or so, I can wait that out as it's not an emergency or anything. Was just wondering as there seem to be a few things I'm interested in, and I had no idea how long the testing phase was going to go for.

Ten days? That's great news! My players recerntly started searching some nearby foothills for a villiage of goblins, and I've been at a loss as to what they should find on the way and how long it should take.