v6 feedback

Found a few typos:
Thrassian Gladiator - “Today, in dusky Kemesh, last surviving colony of Zaharan, …” should be “last surviving colony of Zahar”?
Gnomish Trickster - “exiled from the gnomish vaults for one gaff to many” should be “one gaff too many”.
Nobiran Wonderworker - “So abundant is the wonderworker’s life force that he man lay on hands” should be “may lay on hands”.

I know there was another in the classes somewhere, but I can’t find it again :frowning:

Venturer and Wonderworker both need to be added to the starting age table on page 196.

Also, have to say that I love the Venturer. I usually end up as party treasurer anyways, and the ability to upgrade effective market class looks really useful. Would definitely play, and looks like something I’d allow into the game without hesitation (unlike say the gnome or Thrassian due to darkvision or Nobiran for stepping on both cleric and mage :P).

On pages 89-90 for the Elven custom classes it states that taking Elf 0 results in ‘all elves gain the following four elven custom powers:’, but then it lists 5 (Attunement to Nature, Elf Tongues, Keen Eyes, Connection to Nature and Animal Friendship) powers, not 4.

Also, it’s “gaffe”, if the idea was to indicate a faux-pas or embarrassing error. A gaff is something entirely different.

Thanks for the fixes! I'll make sure not to make similar gaffs again. Gaffs. Hehe. ;)



Good catch! Though that is a pretty funny mental image… If only they had polearm proficiency.