Vassal Troop Wages

Who pays the wages for troops sent up by a call to arms from a vassal? The original ‘owner’ of the troops, or the liege lord that called them up?

Supply, obviously, comes from the wager of the war. Wasn’t sure if still paying that garrison was part of the ‘duty’ - I’m guessing not, but I can see thematic reasons (the wages of the garrison sent away being seen as an extra ‘tax’, marginally resembling things like the Crusades, etc.)


The original ‘owner’ of the troops pays the wages of the troops sent up.

The intent is that the mechanical effect of “Call to Arms” and “Special Tax” are more-or-less identical; the liege lord gets 1gp per family in value.

Gotcha! Makes complete sense.

I wasn’t sure if any of the fallout from having a reduced garrison back in the source domains would have been included as part of the “duty cost” (and therefore perhaps upleveling wages) or if that’s left as a problem for the source domain.