Version 23 Available for Download!

Hello everyone!
Version 23 of ACKS is available for download on the site. Version 23 has a variety of changes. Most of them are mathematical, due to an overall top-to-bottom review of all the game mathematics that power the economics engine.
Major changes:

  1. Special abilities and experience points for monsters are corrected.
  2. Major rule changes for hideouts & hijinks, including minimum gp for hideouts; maximum size of syndicates based on market class; opportunity to personally control much larger syndicates; clearer explanations of how and why a criminal guild develops; revisions to the gold and xp from hijinks.

good additions to H&H.
just noticed this: ‘The ACKS Lairs and Encounters supplement, available separately from Autarch, will provide a dynamic lair for all monsters in the ACKS core rules.’ - good idea!