Visionary Illo: Dragons Love Caravans

Backer Artus asked me to draw a dragon attacking a caravan. Since this was the first dragon I’ve been given, I had to make it extra nasty and ferocious. I went through several ideas about how to frame the image since I originally got the concept about a month ago, but once I came to the visual of a dragon tossing a camel up in the air like a rag doll, I had a hard time moving on. Out of the two thumbnails (below) that I provided Artus, he chose the one with the flying camel, which made me very happy.

I had the privilege of playing through most of the Gen Con demo, and at one point late in the campaign our high level characters actually did encounter an ancient and extremely powerful dragon. Without going into too much tedious detail, I must say I had the most awesome role-playing experience I can remember during that encounter: my fighter got to jump on the dead cleric’s floating futuristic disc, pull out a newly won laser sword (YES - LASERSWORD) and chase the thing down. That fight proved that dragons can be huge and terribly powerful in ACKS, so I wanted this one to look particularly heinous…

And yes, my fighter slew the dragon after losing most of his hit points, swooped down on the flying disc, did a fancy roll into the grass, and, with a flourish, knelt dramatically before his remaining (and awe-struck) troops. I want to illustrate that too.

Now that’s a Dragon !

I want to draw more dragons! And I prefer dragons that look more reptilian and less dino-like. I feel like there are a lot of chunky dino-dragons out there that just look too friendly. I always loved the colored dragon types in FRPGs and wish I could do a few more for the bestiary in different styles - we’ll see what goes into the book in the end!

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