Visionary Illo: Preachy Clerics

This next order comes from Dan the True - a pair of clerics duking it out in a contest for the souls of a crowd of peasants (in clear need of religion). At first he wanted to show these clerics vying for control over a horde of undead, but then thought it would be more ACKS appropriate to show them battling for potential followers and congregants - nice! He also had the idea to show manifestations of the clerics’ deities above them, like that old iconic Erol Otus cover (I so wish I still owned that book… grumble grumble). Excellent idea, Dan! If I ever get some more time I might fix some of the details in the godly manifestations before the book goes to print…

Patrick Stewart is a Cleric !

I didn’t realize the Patrick Stewart resemblance until you mentioned it - make it so!

Also, I think the other cleric looks kind of like this guy:

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