Visionary Illo: The New Kid on the Block

Backer David Wellington gave me an excellent order to have Blue Tam the Goblin King illustrated at a council of rulers. I loved his description of Tam:

In my head, the composition is designed to highlight how this short, ugly guy is loving every second of how uncomfortable he makes the humans and elves in the room. I see him being dwarfed by his hobgoblin guards and the human kings, but clearly a being of great power. An example of why "charisma" doesn't just mean "good looking". This is a guy who is used to sleeping under the stars, getting rained on, and laying ambushes for human caravans. He's pretty beat up, but at the same time phenomenally strong and tough. He has forced the human and elven kings to accept him as their equal, mostly by being so bloody-minded and vicious that they could never defeat him.
Hopefully I captured something of that!

Blue Tam’s sneer is just perfect, says it all.

thats awesome

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