Visionary Illustration: Bestiary Twofer

Backer Jason Smith sent me this suspicious illustration request:

This may sound crazy, but I would love to see a Halfling sheriff sitting on a Pegasus holding a two-handed sword into the air. The more majestic the better. This is mostly because I know how Alex feels about Halflings, and I enjoy antagonizing my friends ;)
To which I responded:
hahaha - You are certainly playing with fire here :) I could try to slip this under the radar, but I predict it would get voted down since halflings play such a small role in the game (they're included as a 'monster' in the bestiary, and nothing more)
I asked Alex if he indeed knew this guy, and what we should do with the request. This was Alex's response:
I do. He's an old roommate and long-time friend. Ask him if he'd like to have his money returned via Paypal or Check.
Apparently, they were also in contact, so here's what Jason replied with:
Alas, Alex has told me personally that my request is denied ;)

We did come up with a compromise though. For the monster pages, how about an illustration of a Griffin eating a Halfling? That’s a two-for-one art request, since they’re right next to each other :wink:

And so here is the result! Tavis had the excellent idea of having the griffon crushing a barrel of ale or wineskin and showing the halfling terrified - awesome! I like this one.

This drawing is my favorite yet!

Thanks Allan! I think it might be my favorite too… I got some new nibs for my pen and I like the difference they have made, plus it has a nice direct composition. And, as Tavis said, this griffon has apparently discovered the Citadel of Defenseless Babies fabled to exist in his Red Box group’s game - I can’t stop laughing when I think of A) the Citadel of Defenseless Babies and B) the useless bystander halfling’s baby-like appearance in this image.


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