Visionary Illustration Megablast

I have succumb to that plaguing illness all bloggers are prone to - you know, the one that causes us to say things like “sorry I haven’t posted…”, followed by an excuse. Well, I’m back, and rather than feed my illness by attempting to do each of these individually, I’m going to have to give you a shotgun blast of the last four illos I did. I’ll give a short explanation of each, to do them justice and give props to our most excellent visionary backers who supplied the ideas.

In order of the most recent:

Dwarven Craftpriestess Loots an Idol - order by the Esteemed Sean Wills.

Sean gave me a couple of options, but I could not pass up the order to do a female dwarven craftpriest running away from temple guards on a rooftop. His suggestion that she have an iconic Bollywood kind of air had me feeling giddy, and so it is. Excellent! Thanks for all the references and descriptions, Sean!

Update: Sean provided a link to his blog in the comments, where he’s posted the images and things he gave for references:

ZOMG-A-TROLL-HOW-DO-WE-KILL-IT??!! - order by the illustrious Johnstone Metzger

Johnstone had, by far, the most hilarious collection of suggestions for an illustration. My favorite was “Connor the magically aged and feeble dwarf with the head of a polar bear who wields a flaming sword, and bears the living severed head of Zamzomar the wizard…”, but that was probably a little too off the wall for ACKS. We’ve had a couple of monster illustrations, but none that really suggested a good old fashioned dungeon crawl as much as this request, which I think comes from an in-game encounter a campaign Johnstone played in - two adventurers encounter a troll - the young magic user fails to cast a spell, while the fighter pours poison on his halberd. He followed up with a lot of other interesting descriptions, and this is the result. I really love this one… I guess I’m partial to monsters.

Conqueror Siblings Don't Care - order by the merciless Martin Young

Martin had this awesome narrative going with conquerors enslaved royals and a burning city and all kinds of minute details, so I did my best to get it all into the same picture. His description had me feeling like it would make great sequential art, as I saw the whole scene unfolding in my minds eye - excellent! I hope this captures the effect. Thanks Martin!

Dwarves vs. Giants! - order by the fantastic Eric

Eric helped me sneak in giants!! And Dwarves! And catapults!! He had the idea that the dwarves were hauling a fallen giant’s body away from the scene of the battle, I love it. Thanks Eric!

This is a heck of an update! I really like them all; the Craftpriestess and the Conqueror Siblings probably tie for my favorite in the group.

I love how the look and feel of this game’s developing. Ryan worked wonders with my mess of ideas - the photos I gave him are on my blog:

Thanks you two! Sean, I appreciate your accompanying post with the references - I’m about to update the post with a direct link, as those were incredibly helpful and you had some great ideas about how things should look, so that credit is entirely yours!

This sort of clever work and reporting! Keep up the excellent works guys I’ve incorporated you guys to my blogroll

This sort of clever work and reporting! Keep up the excellent works guys I’ve incorporated you guys to my blogroll