Visonary Illustration: Carousing!

While I don’t personally condone this kind of behavior, I’ve got to admit, it’s fine incentive to go loot a dungeon and carouse all of that treasure away! Thanks goes to the honorable and esteemed Cain Gillespie, who submitted this excellent art order in addition to his generous backing! On to the next…

This is really awesome. It’s also a nice change from a lot of the typical “ye olde fashioned,” western style taverns I see in some RPG books.

Hookah pipe, fez, flower garland - love the details, especially the contented look on the elf’s face.

This is probably my favorite ACKS illo yet. Nice work.

The big crooked helm on the guy on the upper right cracks me up. Bit of a Conan the Barbarian homage there?

Thanks all, this was serious fun to create. Most of the details came from Cain’s art order, and yes the helm on the wizard is an homage to Conan - Cain wanted an image that upped the ante on that scene and mentioned the crown-hat-thing he was wearing specifically when referring to it, so I couldn’t help but do an ACKS tip-o-the-hat. I also couldn’t resist the meta-joke of a wizard goofing off by wearing armor - out of all of the characters here, he cracks me up the most too.

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