Warlock Hexgiver Ability

Isn’t the warlock hexgiver ability that causes the target to have a 50% ability to not act a little over powered? It seems to me that a 50/50 shot to shut down a powerful enemy is very, very good…

The warlock's he giver power is just the spell "bestow curse". It's certainly a good spell but it's not overpowered. 1st level charm person can make an enemy into a friend with only one save, hold person can shut down 1d4 targets, etc.


I consider it to be the warlock’s ‘signature’ ability. Against a single powerful foe it is absolutely a potential encounter-changer at 4th level… much less so as the party levels up. The warlock is a 2/3rd’s progressing spellcaster while a priestess, for instance, may cast the same spell by the time they reach 6th level (twice per day, along with her two newly acquired 4th level spells as well). The mage is getting his or her second fireball. The 6th-level warlock is just barely gaining the ability to cast another second level spell once per day and contact powers on another plane at the risk of their own sanity once per week.

To me, classes in ACKS ebb and flow in terms of power. Sometimes there’s a big leap forward and sometimes there’s a lag in overall power compared to other classes, but it always seems to work out in the end.

Is the Warlock's hex power permanent until a Remove Curse spell is cast?