Was there a Survey?

So, since I didnt get any kind of responce to my thread in the Player’s Companion Playtest forum, I thought I would ask here as well…

"I just answered my Dwimmermount Survey and I was wondering if there was one for the Player’s Companion as well… Because I never got one… How do you know who to send it to and whatnot…

Very confused… Did I miss something?

Was this the right place to post this?

Please help. Thanks."

So, whats going on?

Hi Yoursword,

I just went back through my kickstarter emails - I received a “Response Needed!” email for the Player’s Companion on March 27th. If I can recall it was to enter in a shipping address for the pre-release softcover and a t-shirt size. I don’t know if that response email was different depending on your level of patronage.

Hope that helps you out!

Hey, thanks. That helps a little. If only to confirm that I indeed did not receive any such email. I checked both my inbox as well as my spam folder for the last three months (just to be sure). The only emails that I have concerning the Player’s Companion are:

3/16/12 from Kickstarter detailing my Pledge Summary ($35)
3/16/12 From Amazon confirming Payment (posted to my acct 3/19/12)
3/17/12 From Kickstarter notification of “Project UPDATE #10
4/9/12 From Kickstarter notification of “Project UPDATE #11
4/13/12 From Kickstarter notification of “Project UPDATE #12

Those are the only emails I have concerning the Player’s Companion. The emails after that are for Dwimmermount…

Am I missing something?

Oddly enough, I have no emails for the date of March 27…


Is it too late to check your spam or trash? It might be since it’s been over 30 days. Sometimes if I check my email on my iphone I accidentally delete a message before I read it due to my grotesquely large thumbs. :wink:

If it’s anything like the emails I received, you should have gotten an email sometime between Project Update #10 and Project Update #11.

Again, I don’t know your kickstarter patronage level etc., but that’s how it worked out for me.

Sorry for the confusion! Surveys went out to those who were getting the pre-release version. Following Kickstarter's recommendation, I am holding off on sending the surveys for the other backer reward levels until they are ready to ship, in case folks move or change emails in the meantime.

That would explain it then. Thanks for the info Tavis, I am less confused now.