Weaker Restore Life and Limb Spells

I'm planning to use Eldtritch Magic for my next ACKS campaign, but I'm not keen on the Fate Spell. I don't just want to remove a 5th level white spell from the list, so I was thinking of adding a weaker version of Restore Life and Limb, but something weaker so it doesn't disrupt things too much.

Inspired by D&D, I was thinking of a spell that worked like Restore Life and Limb, but with the limitation that it only worked on creatures that died less than 1 Turn ago. Alternatively, perhaps it doesn't restore limb quite that effectively - it permits the slain creature to re-roll its mortal wound result at a large bonus (perhaps the caster's level), giving them a reasonable chance of coming back to life, but still badly injured. This wouldn't be a spell you could get cast back at town, because it would be too late but it would give high-level casters an opportunity to save their fellows.

Given the 1.5x factor for healing spells that restore life for Eldritch Magic, does this seem like a reasonable spell to have at level 5?

I really like the idea that it lets you re-roll on the mortal wounds table at a bonus, that's awesome! I think that could reasonably be an Eldritch 5 spell, yes.

OK, here's the spell I came up with, what do you think:

Return from the Brink

  • Eldritch 5
  • Healing (White)
  • Duration: Instantaneous
  • Range: Touch
  • This spell allows the caster to repair a slain creature's body enough to restore it to life before its soul can depart its body. It may only be cast on a dead creature that was alive within the last 10 minute (1 Turn). This spell may only be cast once per creature per turn, further castings will fail regardless of who casts the spell. The caster may re-roll the d20 rolls made for the mortal wounds roll the creatures made most recently before its death. Instead of the timing and treatment modifiers, add the caster's level to the dice roll. If the new result is non-fatal, the target is returned to life. This spell cannot be used to restore someone to life if they were killed by an attack or effect that kills instantly.

I like this spell very much, thank you