Web-based character generator/management

Hello, everyone,

for use with my home campaign I programmed a server hostable character generator based on Ruby on Rails. So far, it incorporates all classes and proficiencies from the Core Book and is functional. I would like to clean up the source and make it available as open source. These preparations are considerable work. I would like to judge interest in the project and also ask the requirements for including the explanation texts of e. g. the proficiencies in the software.

Current features:
Attribute generation and modification as per the rules.
HP rolling.
Proficiency selection.
Spell selection.
Character sheets printable from Firefox and Chrome.
Responsive interface for tablets and smartphones.
PDF export (alpha).

I plan to include the domain rules as soon as my home campaign needs them.

On the web site and on the printed character sheets all relevant rules, proficiency and spell descriptions for the character are printed. A short character sheet without this info is also available. Time for character generation has dropped significantly for new players in my experience.

Sounds awesome!

I am especially interested in equipment management. (For my home campaign, I have equipment in an excel sheet, but passing the laptop around every time someone picks up, drops or trades something is cumbersome. Tablet and smartphone would improve it a lot.)

Sounds very interesting. We’re currently using a mix of an Excel sheet from here on the site, an Excel sheet I built, a sheet one of my players built on Obsidian Portal, and good 'ol paper, pencil, and books. Something better automated like this could be quite useful.

If nyone wants to try my private version I can give access to my installation. Drop me a PM if you are interested.