Web Spell

The Web Spell says the creatures afected “can’t move”. So, I have some question about it. Is you are afected:

Can you attack?
Can you cast spells?
Can you use a Shield (gaining the bonus to your AC)?
Have your enemies any Attack bonus (like when you are fallen on the ground)?

We have always played it as “can’t attack, can’t cast spells without Quiet Magic (‘minimal words and gestures’), no shield / Dex to AC, backstab eligible”

Web says: Creature is entangled. Entangled, however, is not defined in ACKS CR/PG. Looking at RC-rules p.80 (BECMI), entangled is defined as:

Entangle: An entangled victim cannot attack, cast spells, or move. The victim may make a saving throw vs. death ray each round to escape.

When a creature is Webbed, it:

  • cannot attack
  • cannot cast spells without Quiet Magic
  • will be automatically hit in combat
  • is susceptible to backstab
  • can use command words and at-will magical powers
  • can talk

I usually required a spear or polearm to attack characters entangled in a web (unless it’s a spider making the attack itself or creature with “free action”) since it’s a full 10x10 area and I imagine the webs filling the whole thing.

We did this loosely as well; typically web ended the fight and then we glossed over the spearing, but it was assumed.

Yup. It’s usually a coup de grace with a spear to the throat or whatever. But, I do make them have a polearm or spear to do it. :wink: