Weight of Stone Adventurers

My party ran into some trouble with a medusa. We killed it, but not without a few complications regarding a large portion of our low-level party.

Does anyone have a good estimate of the weight/encumbrance (in stone) of a human-sized stone statue, like you’d get after a petrification attack? I have some logistical issues to iron out regarding moving some “statues” through a dungeon, back to town, and possibly cross country…

The difference is not as much as you’d think. A 200lb man becomes a 500lb statue.

Granite weighs 165lbs per cubic foot. Flesh weighs around 65lbs per cubic foot. Therefore when a creature is transformed from flesh to stone, its weight should be multiplied by about 2.5.

So about 50 stone a piece? Okay, I’m going to need a wagon and some heavy horses. This might take some time to gather in the small local market. Getting them out of the dungeon is doable, but not easy by any stretch.

Only in ACKS is the question ‘How many stone is a stone?’ not insane

Heh, just a couple of hours ago I was looking up the density of granite to figure out whether a particular design for a secret door was reasonable and how hard it would be to close once it’d opened.