What are the "domain activities" discussed in Axioms Special Edition?



What are the "domain activities" mechanics in this magazine? I would like more material including things like random events and issues that players could deal with as one would random encounters at lower levels, and am hoping this magazine has something like that.






Hi Outlander! That's not what this issue provides, no. It actually provides a rigorous system for managing downtime. It shows how and when you'd insert random events, but it doesn't provide new ones. 

Administering Domain (NEW): The tasks of a ruler are many and varied: holding court, passing laws, standing in judgment, presiding over assemblies of the people and nobility, erecting public works, drafting budgets, performing religious ceremonies, and more. These tasks are collectively referred to as administering a domain. Administering a domain is an ongoing major activity that requires ½ x [ (number of 6 miles hexes in the ruler’s personal domain) + (number of vassals reporting to ruler) + (6 – market class of largest urban settlement in ruler’s personal domain) ] days to complete. Rulers who administer their domain gain a +1 bonus on domain morale rolls and a +5% bonus on domain XP that month.  (By default we assume the ruler has delegated these tasks to subordinates while he pursues adventuring, military, or leisure pursuits.)

Thanks Alex.