What Can Break Wizard Lock?

I suppose this is more of a generic B/X question than an Autarch specific question, but I decided to try it here anyway.


So I put a door near the end of a dungeon that was wizardlocked by a higher level wizard, smug in the assurance that the players didn't have knock or dispel magic, and so would need to acquire said things and then come back to the dungeon.  Except one of the players pointed out to me that I may have misread Wizard lock, and there is a conspicious "or" in the text:


Wizard Lock

Range: 10' Arcane 2

Duration: permanent

A wizard lock spell cast upon a door, chest, or portal magically locks it. The caster can freely pass his own wizard lock without affecting it, as can any arcane spellcaster 3 or more levels higher than the caster of the wizard lock; otherwise, a door or object secured with this spell can be opened only by breaking in or with a successful dispel magic or knock spell


the "breaking in OR" confused me. I previously didn't see the OR and assumed that dispel magic and knock were how one breaks in.  Thus, the question becomes: what are acceptable ways to break into a wizard locked door?  Is it as simple as door bashing check?  How have you all used it in the past? how do you THINK it should be used?

In my game Wizard Lock simply holds a door closed such that it cannot be casually opened or be unlocked by a thief.  The door material remains the same, but a smart mage will lock a door made of stone or metal to keep it from being bypassed by "barbarian counterspell".  Under Detect Magic the whole door will still glow, which has led to my players sometimes going "Oh, it's magicked shut. Guess we'll find a different way in."

That's how I've thought of it as well, tire_ak.

Imagine the modern mag-lock door. There's three ways to get in:

-) Swipe a card >> knock

-) Cut the power >> dispel magic

-) Compromise the door's structure >> break in, bash in, barbarize


makes sense. so let's say in my case it was a sliding stone door where the "lock" mechanism was the wizard lock.  That should reasonably rule out thief lock picking, stuck door bashing, and locked wooden door chopping in, right?

Turning to D@W here: a 3'x7' stone/iron door intended for a military structure costs 50 gp and has 12 structural hp; it seems like you'd either need a 50 gp construction (destruction?) project, or some piece of equipment brought in the dungeon capable of dealing damage to stone construction.  A very small battering ram might work here, or a petard if that technology exists in your game.  Magic definitely seems easier.

I love the threads where I arrive and it's like "oh y'all already worked this out, coo'."

Coral castle, anyone?