What happened to that thread for blogs?

My new job has some downtime, so I've been binging on Goblin Punch and The Alexandrian (I'm amused that the OSR community is large enough to support multiple brilliant Alexes. Alexii?)

Then I remembered that we had a thread for that sort of thing here once, but it seems to have gone missing, and the ACKS forum search doesn't seem to be turning up anything for me. Maybe the thread never was?

Anyway, I'd be delighted to see what tomes of gaming philosophy and adventure design you guys refer to. Also, I'm betting about half of you run your own, so those would be cool links too.



I have....183 blogs in my Feedly thing, works out to maybe 15-20 new posts a day, some are (much) less active than others. I'll have to go through and pick out whom I think stand out - I feel more game-smart having been consuming those blogs and this forum, but, eh, who really knows yet.

how do you like Feedly? I've been trying to find an app that will let me aggregate all these OSR blogs so I can burn through them as the fancy strikes me.

It works alright. Has some occassional formatting things, and some blogs have taken to doing whatever it is that causes Feedly (probably other aggregators) to only give a starting blurb, and not the whole post.

There's several phone apps that work for it; mine's a 3rd party for Windows Phone called Modern Reader which is so far inoffensive.

I am kinda waiting for Feedly to start punishing non-payers though.

Feedly is definitely not as good as the old google reader, and I agree that blog "blurbs" is irritating versus seeing the whole thing... I don't often click through.  But it's free, for now...I think I've got about 300 gaming blogs in there, accumulated through the years.