What's the deal with Dwarven Brewing?

What’s the deal with Dwarven Brewing? it gives +4 to craft alcoholic beverages, but Craft (which includes crafting alcohol) doesn’t involve a proficiency throw. One of my players just rolled a dwarven craftpriest and got the Sacrementalist template, he liked the sound of it but now we’re not sure what the interaction (if any) between Alchemy, Dwarven Brewing, and Craft (brewing) is, if any.

I apologize for your confusion. It’s sloppiness on my part.

Craft: A character with Craft can identify masterwork items, rare materials, and famous artisans with a proficiency throw of 11+.

Dwarven Brewing: The character knows the secrets of the famed beer and ale of the dwarves. Because of his familiarity with mixology, he may make a proficiency throw of 11+ to determine the magical properties of a potion or oil on taste. He gains a +4 bonus to proficiency throws to craft alcoholic beverages.

The description probably makes more sense if you read it as Craft (alcoholic beverages).

So the inter-play is as follows:

  • The Dwarven Brewer can determine the magical properties of a potion of oil on taste. While this entails some risk, the Dwarven Brewer is not limited to “common” potions in the way that an Alchemist is. “Mmmm, this is a rare potion of skinchange…”
  • A character could attempt to use both Alchemy and Dwarven Brewing to identify a potion, getting two rolls in place of one. This is mathematically virtually equivalent to a second rank of Alchemy (2 x 50% chance of success = 75% chance of success; 1 x 70% chance of success).
  • A character with Dwarven Brewing gets +4 to Craft (alcoholic beverages) proficiency throws. This, again, is virtually equivalent to a second rank of Craft.

So, for example, he would get a +4 to determine that a beer found in a dungeon was from the famous brewing hall “Putsch”?

Hilariously so, yes.

hmmmm, he also took a 3rd rank of craft(brewing), i’ll have to tell him he can pick a different proficiency!

Thanks for the clarification.