When can we get the Player's Companion PDF...?

When can we expect it to be available for purchase as a PDF?

I ask as I am debating on whether or not to use original B/X or ACKS for my base rules in a campaign I’m starting next Thursday, and getting hold of the PC would probably tilt me towards using ACKS.

I’m taking some folks who have never played anything earlier than 3.5 and giving them a tour of the old school…

Max, the actual PDF will probably not be available until May. We have to write the spell rules and add in the art.

That said, the latest version available for download (v15) is not going to differ in any material way from the PDF, so you could certainly start your campaign with it.

If you do start with B/X, it’s very easy to switch to ACKS later, or bolt on those aspects of ACKS that you like.

Where can I get the latest version? I missed both your Kickstarter’s unfortunately…

I can’t seem to download v5 of the Player’s Companion draft. The link from the Kickstarter update comes up with a “page not found” message on the Autarch.co website.

Any ideas?

I’ve asked Tim and Greg to take a look at this. We’ll get sorted out.

Any news on this or how I can get a copy of the playtest doc? I’d really like to use the template system and character classes for our game tomorrow night…

Access to the playtest documents was one of the exclusive benefits offered to folks who supported the Kickstarter.

Yeah, I gathered that, hence my reply up above about missing the previous two Kickstarters. I’m asking if there is a way to get into the playtest area now. For instance, is there a way I can pre-order the PC PDF to do that?

You can pre-order the PC here: http://shop.gamesalute.com/collections/autarch

I am working on the download for Kickstarters.

Will that get me access to the playtest files?

@Maxwell - Yes pre-orders will be able to get access. We are currently working on notification.

For those that are part of the Kickstarter, I am working on getting an update sent out with a new URL for downloading the file.

Any news on this ? - haven’t received a link as of yet. thanks.

Cool! That is great customer service!

So should I wait until you get the notification process worked out or go ahead and make the pre-order and give you a heads up after I do?

@ Maxwell Luther - Go ahead and make the pre-order and send an email to support@autarch.co with your order number. I will make sure to get an email out to you with the download info.

@beastman - I will make sure you get the email out to you as well.


I’m going to pick that and the ACKS hardback up today, I think, so I’ll email that to you as soon as I do.

Thanks, Tim…

I ended up getting into the Players companion kickstarter via Paypal and got access to the early document. Is there an updated version available?

Is the player’s companion still considered in “pre-release”? It wasn’t clear from gamesalute weather or not a PDF would be available immediately or if it still hasn’t been officially released. I just purchased it today. I knew I’d be getting it regardless, I was just curious where I stand.

If it’s still in pre-release, is a draft copy still available? If so, should I also send an email to the listed support email?

Sorry, we need to update the descriptions and information!

1) The Player's Companion is due in PDF June 2012 - we are done with the original scope of the book as predicted for May, but the Kickstarter succeeded so well that a bunch of bonus content was added which is taking Alex a little while extra.

2) It's available as pre-orders in the meantime.

3) Until we automate the pre-order system to deliver drafts, you can get the current one by forwarding your receipt email from the pre-order to support@autarch.co.