When will Conquerors get our PDF?

Just curious, I’ve seen various messages saying that we’ll be getting an email with deets on how to get our final PDF, but haven’t gotten one.
When is that scheduled to happen?

Emails with download instructions were sent out from pubs@bitsandmortar.com on Wednesday. I’ve got your address, so I’ll resend it and also send you the info direct; spam filters seem to be causing some problems, and we’re working out alternate ways of getting people their PDFs in future.

Thanks Tavis, got your email this morning.

Another one here who never got the email with the download instructions. Do I email you or Autarch directly for that information?

Keith, you can email orders@autarch.co, or me directly at tavis@autarch.co; you should also cc salute@gamesalute.com (or email them and cc me) as they are helping us with fulfillment and will want to be sure they have you hooked up.

Thank you!