Where can you buy ACKS?

I’ve got a few players who aren’t able to pre-order the game, so where is the best place to actually purchase it once it gets printed and shipped out to you guys.
Is there a distributor you’re using? Websites like IndiePressRevolution or something?
Where will the game be available for regular purchase after the pre-orders are taken care of?

It will be available through the Autarch website, via Shop.GameSalute.com, and at local retailers through Game Salute (which works with a couple of distributors). Ask your local store to order it, and let us know which store you want to buy it from so we can help them get set up!


The PDF will also be available from DriveThruRPG and Lulu.

Will it be available in stores in the UK? The shipping cost of $25 on top of the cost of the book means ordering it over from the US is a bit too rich for me.

As a fellow johnny-come-lately and overseas resident, I’m also interested.
Does GameSalute ship overseas? If so, what are their charges? I couldn’t find this information on their website.
If not, will Noble Knight get hardcopies of ACKS? And is there any chance I’ll be able to redeem a Bits & Mortar PDF-coupon with them?

I found out the cost of P&P to the UK by going through the checkout procedure on GameSalute then cancelling prior to purchase.

Yeah, its a pity. Oversea shipping is a real pain in the ass. Essentially, you pay double price and that’s a shame. Each time I have to buy from US I gnash my teeth. and sometimes someone forgets something or whatever and i have to pay additional custom taxes, too. Not good. So, if possible I buy PDF and print it at work heheh, thereafter binding it at a shop - essentally getting the “book” at a price sans oversea shipping (= US-price’). For ACKS, however, hardcover is a must…

Yep, hardcover is a real must for it, especially with all the black pages that’d otherwise use up a LOT of ink if you were going to print them out at home (or wherever). I’m hoping copies will appear in the likes of Leisure Games in the UK.

I talked to Dan at Game Salute and he confirmed that their distribution partners can reach stores in just about anywhere there is a game store. It’s easy for retailers to become a Game Salute Select store - they fill out a simple form - and then they can get deals like the Preview Nights bundle that includes a free copy of ACKS for the store’s library. Shipping in bulk to the store lets the cost be spread out between more products; you might pay a little more than $40 USD, since the store may have to pay import taxes and the like, but it should be similar to what you pay for other import games and less than it’d be to ship it to you as an individual.
Oh, and Beastman if you have pictures of your DIY-bound books, consider sharing them with Tim Hutchings at PlaGMaDA; he’s become interested in this kind of thing recently (see http://plagmada.blogspot.com/ for examples).
Last edit: you should be able to use the PDF coupon for $10 off the hardback at any place that’s a sales partner of ours & Game Salute’s. So yeah if Leisure Games or Noble Knight carries it, they will accept the coupon and then take it to Game Salute to redeem.