Where can you buy the physical ACKs book?

We have a new player interested in a hard copy, but Game Salute no longer seems to have them (the link on the site here takes you a “this page no longer exists” and I couldn’t find it with a search.

Is it totally out of print?

Autarch (Alex) previously said “We are in the process of switching from GameSalute to Studio Two. Starting in October, Studio Two will be distributing our full range of products throughout the US, Canada, and Europe. We also will be adding print on demand options on DTRPG.”

I searched Studio Two, and I did not find ACKS available ahead of that schedule. Soon, hopefully.


Cool, thanks. We’ll keep an eye on the new distributor.

I saw a few copies on the Twenty Side Store (https://twentysidedstore.com/) in Brooklyn last Sunday. I don’t know if it is possible for you to go by, but you may contact them and ask for options.

I saw the core book and the player’s companion listed in the latest Game Trade, so any store that uses Alliance should be able to get hold of them soon (October release, iirc, but I only glanced through it for a minute).

Not in the USA, will ACKs be on Amazon any time soon?

What about hardcopies in the UK, any chance?

Studio Two does have international distributors. Whether any international distributors have picked up the game I am unsure, though we do have a good-sized order being shipped.

We are still working on Amazon distribution.

Alex, do you know of any stores in Durham that still have hard copies?

I saw a copy for sale in Atomic Empire last month. I’m not sure if it’s still there. But if you ask them to order a copy for you they will, I’m sure!


I found pre-order books at http://www.frpgames.com/cart.php?m=search&s=Adventurer+Conqueror+King+System and it looks like you can buy D@W on Amazon now. However, the Amazon search is poor at finding the books. I had to go to the advanced search and look the books up by publisher.

Also, maybe Autarch should update the “Buy Now” page on this site.

Yep. Have ordered D@W Complete via Amazon and received it a couple of days ago. Nice to also have the book as a hardcover, although i’m somewhat disappointed by paper quality. It not the high quality autarch used for the CR or PC. The paper of D@W is very thin and curls.