Who's Going to Gen Con?

Let us know if you’ll be at the convention!
In addition to the demo game, we also have opportunities to volunteer at the Old School Renaissance Group booth - both to talk about Adventurer Conqueror King and the Gygax Memorial Fund, which I’m also helping to organize. Being a “booth monkey” is always a fun way to meet people and see Gen Con from an insider perspective; being part of the OSRG will be especially fun because you’ll be rubbing shoulders with many other folks from the OSR: publishers like Joe Browning, original gangsters like Gail and Alex Gygax, etc. If that sounds like something you’d be interested in, suggest times you’re free and I’ll put you into the schedule!

I’ll be at Gencon and plan on dropping in on the demo game. Let me check out my schedule about the OSR booth; I’m running a bunch of games and it’s filling up fast. Just finishing a 2nd read through of the rules to bring some tough ACKS questions (or drop some thoughts on my blog).

I will be there Friday and Saturday. I would dig a chance to be a booth monkey. I think I am in a game Friday night and maybe one on Saturday at 1.

If I had gotten clued into ACK sooner I might have been able to attend, but alas it’s not meant to be.

a little too far from Salerno (Italy) :frowning:

I’ve never been to a gaming convention in my life, and sadly, that’s not going to change this year.

Unfortunately, I will not be attending. Hope all goes well with the demo gaming!

I’ve decided to hang out in the ACKS demo suite as much as I’m allowed in order to:
A) Hopefully get to play some!
B) make notes and sketches based on the deftly handled exploits, encounters, and glorious deaths our characters experience in-game. These will be used to plan some additional illustrations, so if you show up, your actions may be recorded in immortal ink in teh ACKS rulebook.