Why do Cleric/Bladedancers Stronghold Advantages

Just looking at the strongholds by class table and it seems like Clerics and Bladedancers have a pretty big advantage. They get far more followers then other classes, with better moral, which they pay less for, and cheaper strongholds on top of that.
What is the balancing component that I’m missing here?

Yes, Clerics and Bladedancers get cheap strongholds and great followers.
We adopted this rule in deference to RPG history: OD&D and B/X D&D both have a similar rule that gives clerics a discount on their stronghold and a morale bonus to their followers. It’s not balanced by anything in particular, it’s simply part of how the class is, like its saving throws, or spell casting.

Over at The Mule Abides, James said:
“The Cleric fights well, has some great spells, dominates a whole class of monsters, has a terrific XP curve, and at the end of the game gets a castle at half-price. I don’t know if there’s a God, but certainly the rules of D&D are looking out for this guy.”
A burger place near me quotes Benjamin Franklin: “Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.” From this we can deduce that craftpriests are the most holy of all.