Wilderlands and ACKS: A match made in heaven?

I think it just might be. The idea occurred to me because a lot of ACKS’s art has a more classical, less medieval bent-- fitting given the Wilderlands’ stronger-than-normal Sword and Sorcery bent.

I, for one, am seriously considering running my next ACKS game in the Wilderlands. The vast and sparsely inhabited wilderness with a few pockets of lawful-brutal civilization just feels right. There are some things about it that bother me (town locations and naming conventions), but those are probably easy enough to fix on the maps in an image editor.

I have a great fondness for the Wilderlands, and many of the rules in ACKS were inspired by rules in the Ready Reference Guide for the setting. It's a great fit for ACKS.

I thought they looked familiar.

It’d be awesome to see Judges Guild material (officially) ported to ACKS!

I'd love that too, but haven't had any success in contacting the Bledsaw family about doing a memorial gameday like the Arneson one and can't imagine it would be any easier to get official licensing.

The Necromancer box set of the Wilderlands was one of my first introductions to the old school; I'd had an OD&D set for years but never tried to crack the code until the Wilderlands got me interested in hex crawling. Rob Conley's Majestic Wilderlands has some stuff about demographics and political divisions that would be useful in an ACKS conversion.

we tried for years to get a wilderlands campaign off the ground in the 3.5 era, but it never materialized. I can easily see ACKs being the ideal system for enjoying the wilderlands, since it gives a solid framework to let the players put their mark on the land.

It was, admittedly, the Necromancer box that I was thinking of when I wrote that; I never owned the original products. I’ve actually been considering tracking them down since I started using ACKS.

Too bad about the difficulties in licensing, though. It really would be an ideal match.

Yeah, I had parts of the Necromancer box and it was just too much data for me to really use. Picked up the originals in pdf from rpgnow, and they’re much more digestible / operable.