Withdrawal and Recoil question.

In the illustration 1-7 in DoW: Battles the withdrawal of a unit B is shown. In the text it is said, that withdrawal must be "directly away from its attacker". I understand this as "must be in a straight line away from the attacker, along a single axis". In which way could the unit then be eligible to enter two hexes? Isn't the path fully determined? And if Unit B in illustration 1-7 would recoil it would flee, since moving back directly one hex is not possible, right?

My interpretation (I am not an Autarch) was that a recoiling unit has only one hex they can enter, due to facing.

Since the attacking unit faces a specific face of the hex they are in, the only movement that is directly away from them is for the recoiling unit to travel through the same face of the hex they are in, that the attacker faces of the hex they are in.

For example, quick diagram:

If the attacker’s facing is to face C in their own hex, the recoiling unit must travel through face C in their hex to be ‘directly away’. (Edit: This diagram is even worse than I expected it to be but it gets the idea across, it’s supposed to be a hex with faces labeled A-F.)

Could be an issue for missile attacks, which can occur from off-angles (such that the attack enters the target’s hex through a vertex rather than a side).