Wizards Responds to ACKS?!

Wizards of the Coast announced today that they will be releasing a new 5th edition of D&D in 2012.
Clearly, they feared the upcoming release of ACKS, which promises to revolutionize RPGs. Bahahahaha. :wink:

I was happy to read this. Coverage of ACKS in the NYT!

WotC lost me with 4e and I fear the worst for 5e. We’ll see with what they’ll come up.
4e is/was not my cup of tea, but for others it was the best version of D&D ever released.
This gives me some serious headache: “For the first time, the creators of D&D are setting out to create a role playing system that is compatible with - and takes inspiration from - every previous edition of the game.”
I have the feeling that this will not work.
I hope that they will not try to please everyone, because this would result in utter chaos. If 5e is not for me, than I’ll skip as I did with 4e. Long story short…

Now, now it gets interesting…

Skyrim shipped with henchmen, yet the recent iteration of a fantasy game where you supposedly can do everything and anything did not. To be fair 4e was actually an update to CHAINMAIL+fantasy supplement and crippled by VTT, so I am looking forward to what they do with the LBBs. When you have more freedom in a computer game than in a game played entirely in your mind…

@Bargle, which fantasy game are you referring to when you say “the recent iteration of a fantasy game…”?
I’ve spoken to someone who has played 5e under NDA and he is really excited about it. He was not a fan of 4e, liked 3e well enough, but is probably more of a grognard than anything else. He obviously didn’t give me any details, but I’m hopeful, even if WotC’s PR about the edition is not terribly credible.

4e. My use of the word “iteration” didn’t mean to imply 5th, of which I know nothing.