World Building

There was an excellent article (blog? forum post?) about how to make a world. A timeline, a page of current events, a page of recent history, a page of classical history, a page of ancient history, and some other stuff. A great article (and something that I’d like to have in print) but I can’t find it again.

Anybody here know what I’m talking about? I was pretty sure it was by the Autarch guys, but really can’t be certain anymore.


That would be by me. It's in my series of articles called "Check for Traps," published on The Escapist. You can find it here:

A related column:

Hey, great! That’s good stuff! If you end up doing a “Judge’s Guide”, or whatever, that should definitely go in there! Thanks!

Loved this article. I used to try to coach new players that were looking towards running their own games in world-building, and almost always I was met with some resistance because I tend to follow the “light top-down, zoom-in” philosophy. Most wanted to commit SO much of themselves to the initial design that they sort of lost the story. Others played it pretty loose, which made for three or four good sessions before everything fell apart. I liked the way things were laid-out and explained in this article - I’ve actually linked this to several of my friends already.

Cheers mate!

Thanks for the kind words!