I have played fantasy roleplying games since the day after my 16th birthday. That is a total of 32 years. I just purchased ACKS and have been reading parts of the pdf while waiting on my hardback. Fantastic game. I’ve played every version of D&D, PRPG, rifts, and some Call of Cthulu. ACKS rocks. It delivers on the promise of first and second edition AD&D and ,well, I am amazed. Good work and I can’t wait for further goodies. (I’ve prepurchased the Player’s Companion and am having trouble with the pdf but what I saw was excellent.)

Thank you for the kind words on ACKS!

(If you continue to have problems with the Player's Companion please let us know.)

Indeed, this is a great RPG. ACKS is what 3E should’ve been - it takes the spirit and essence of the old AD&D editions and distills it into something very familiar yet much more streamlined, consolidated and exciting. It has replaced BFRPG and Swords & Wizardry as my go-to version of “D&D”…

Love the way you guys are all over the forums. Got to sell this to my group.

Still can’t access pdf of player’s companion but sincethe hard back should be out soon, no problems.

Visit the download area, I set you up for access to the PDF there.

Thank you so much. I work in customer service and really appreciate great customer service. My group doesn’t know it yet but we are switching to ACKS so I’ll be buying at least 3 more of both books from you.

Is working in customer service fun when done as a real job? I really enjoy talking to fans and helping fix problems, but maybe I wouldn't if I wasn't a fan myself and had to fix problems I had no hand in trying to avoid.

Being a fan would definitely improve the job. Thanks again.