Wrestling and Evasion Suggestion

Slowly making my way through the rules…
In my attempts to run ocean-borne adventurers with other rulesets, one of the changes I found more satisfying than the given rules for evasion was using a roll-off/contest mechanic- especially because it let both the pursued and the pursuant take an active role. Reading the rules for wilderness evasion and wrestling, it occurs to me that those scenarios might both benefit from a mechanic in that vein.
For example, wrestling is a risk: As anyone with older siblings or cousins knows, if you flub your attempt at a headlock, you may end up in one in the same motion.
If I was running an ACKS game, I’d rule that, if the target is willing to wrestle as well, the two wrestlers both roll an attack throw (with a bonus to the aggressor). The lower roller has lost the advantage, and must save versus paralysis or be in a wrestling hold. If the target will not or cannot wrestle (maybe they won’t drop their weapon?), the rule as written would apply.
Likewise, evasion might be a roll-off adjusted for speed, with the boarding roll taking the place of the paralysis save. I know it adds a bit of die-throwing, but I like to be able to involve the PC’s a bit more whether they are on the subject or object side of actions like this.