Hi, I have a quick question about wyverns as listed in the core book:

Does the damage listed for claws (2d8/2d8) already include the doubling for the charge since they only use their claws in a dive anyways? Also, looking at their HD (7) they seem to do more damage then they should per the creature building rules (average 2*HD (14, but is 18) total per round).

As always, any light shed on this is appreciated!


The damage for the talons is 2d8/2d8. That is doubled on a dive attack to 4d8/4d8. The reason for the extra damage is due to the wyvern being a 7** HD monster rather than just a 7 HD monster. A 7 HD monster is worth 440 XP. A 7** HD monster is worth 1140 XP. An 12 HD monster is worth 1200 XP. So we should expect a wyvern to be more similar in its total power level to a 12 HD monster.

To review the source of its 2 **, we check out Lairs & Encounters monster creation - Wyverns are 7**. What are its ** powers? Remember that #### #### equal one * in Lairs & Encounters monster design.

Flying##: The monster is capable of flying at an exploration movement rate equal to twice its base movement rate. If it already flies, it becomes capable of making dive attacks that deal double damage. If a dive hits a victim smaller than itself, it grabs and carries him off, unless the victim makes a successful save v. Paralysis. 

Since the Wyvern has both Flying## and Dive Attack ## it's got ####. It also has Poison* on its tail. 

Finally, it has Extra Attack## twice, giving it an additional talon and an additional bite attack, both equaling the damage or bite to go with the tail attack.

So the total cost is #### #### * = 2 *. 

I hope that both answers your question and explains the answer!


I really appreciate your indepth and detailed answers, and that you take the time, thank you so much! 

That said, wyverns are ridiculous, good lord!

They're nasty beasts, very brutal in ACKS! Best slain with magic as soon as they come into sight.