XP from NPC`s

Hi everyone. I`m not quite sure about xp from NPC parties.

Do you just get xp for their hd or do they count as having special abilities.
Chapter 10 refers to characters transforming to monsters and lists divine spellcasting as * and arcane as **. So would an NPC:

  1. Yield xp for just the hd?
    Seems a bit low for me given the threat an NPC represents

  2. Give xp by hd + more for the casters?
    The rules seem to support this, but I´m not sure that mage really is worth so much more than everyone else.

  3. or do they all count as monsters with special abilities?
    The solution I tend towards but can`t seem to find any support for in the rules.

So I`ll probably stick with version 3 anyway, but I´m quite interested in what was intended and why. :wink:

Ok fond it myself :confused:
trying some more searches before posting next time. :slight_smile:
For those interested it`s here: