So, the second actual RP session of my D&D 5E Dwimmermount game is coming up. I’m not running this as a “standard” Dwimmermount game: it’s starting in Yarm and the surrounding areas, and while the PCs might have heard of Dwimmermount through legends it’s not a focal point of life for them.

Anyway, I’m horrible at art and maps and stuff, but I need a high-level map of Yarm. The map linked below is found in the back of the DMG. What do you all think? Could this work for Yarm?



I think it would well for Yarm, yes!

Please let us know how things proceed. Will you be posting Actual Play reports here or anywhere?

I’m actually running it on Roll20 using Google Hangouts, so I might be dumping the whole thing out on to YouTube. If I don’t do that, I’ll probably post them on my blog (http://gibbering-mouther.blogspot.com) as soon as I get around to writing them.

I’ve got some notes on 5E’ing the Dwimmermount gods there, at least as far as domains are concerned.

I’ll make sure everything stays updated over here. :slight_smile:

Awesome! Cheers.