ACKS Bloggers...UNITE

I started adding links to the various ACKS blogs I know of and got to thinking. Wouldn’t it be cool if all of us various ACKS bloggers linked to each other in our blogrolls to help interconnect the ACKS blogging community.

The blogs I have linked to so far are:

I’m pretty sure I’ve missed some, so please let me know and I’ll be happy to throw a link on my site. And if anyone wants to link to me (, that would be cool too… :wink:

My blog is

It’s just session writeups atm, with a few older posts about gaming stuff. But, as I write more about my campaign world, and as the players encounter it, I may start throwing things up there.

Nice idea, I’ve added the links to my web/blog too :slight_smile: Thanks.

No problem! I’m glad you like it!

And James, thanks, I’ll add you now!

Not all that much up yet. And I’ve managed to figure out how to make a link box, so you’re all there so far.

I’m in. I’ve linked to you all over at

I knew about Simon’s place (Sky Full of Dust) - thanks for getting an unofficial blog list out there - I’ll check out the rest of you and get some blog roll additions in place as well.

Yeah that was part of why I did this…I knew there were other loggers out there I wanted to link/read!

Aw shucks, I’m up there and I haven’t even updated lately!

Truth be told, I’ve been working on my own game system the past few weeks, and will be making posts about that soon. :slight_smile:

I’ll have ACKS-y stuff too, though! Thanks for including me!

No problem!

Granted, now that I’ve seen everyone else’s Blog name, I’m thinking I should maybe change the name of my blog to something more…adventure-y.

I have some ACKS posts and will be blogging more in that space as I work on an upcoming campaign themed on Oriental Adventures.

I don’t update as often as I should… but when I do it’s usually about ACKS these days.

Here is my old blog, the Frost-Bitten lands:

And my main general gaming blog, which will soon (today or tomorrow) start carrying ACKS stuff as well:

I forgot about this until someone posted it on another thread. My blog is It’s largely play reports and rumor tables for the campaign I’m running, but there’s other more general stuff there too.

It’s not so much a ‘blog’ as it is a ‘place I post things because I can’t post tables on these forums’.

But if for some reason anyone wants to link to it, is my place, where I randomly post conversions, mostly.

I think you missed an ‘L’ out - I found you at

I sure did! is me, all right.

My blog is at but Its not an ACKS specific blog. I’ll eventually post ACKS stuff when I get a regular ACKS game going. Right now its mostly posts on my Fate games interspersed with OSR musings.