Dwimmermount - That's All He Wrote!

The last Kickstarter update said ACKS Dwimmer would be on sale on DriveThruRPG Friday the 26th.

For those who may be interested, I am reposting an update to Dwimmermount backers:

Good evening, Dwimmermountaineers!

I am pleased to report the Dwimmermount Dungeon Tracker is finished. If you backed Dwimmermount at the $25 level or higher, you will have received an email this afternoon with a private link to download the Dwimmermount Dungeon Tracker PDF.

For the 125 elite backers who will be getting a hard copy of the DDT (uh…wow, bad acronym), it’ll be arriving in the mail in about three weeks. We sent the file to our printer late last week; from the printer it will go to GameSalute and then to you.

I am also pleased to report that ACKS Dwimmermount is completed. We will be mailing a final PDF of the book to all $10+ backers on Wednesday, October 1st. We expect to receive a proof back from the printer October 6th and, assuming there are no problems, we will begin processing for shipment on October 7th.

Once ACKS Dwimmermount reaches our backers, the Dwimmermount Kickstarter will be officially wrapped up. I recommend that you have 3 months of food, a water purifier, and a respirator on hand for that event, because I really thought an EMP burst was more likely during some of the darker days.

Thanks for your patience and happy gaming!

Best regards,
Alexander Macris
Autarch LLC

PS The Dwimmermount Dungeon Tracker will go on sale on DrivethruRPG on October 3rd, and ACKS Dwimmermount will go on sale on DTRPG on October 8th. By end of November, most of our products will be available for print-on-demand via DTRPG as well.

Good to hear! I’ll mark my calendar.


that means there’ll be a new ACKS kickstarter soon, right?

I’ve always wanted to kick a start

Yes! Soon. When my Sanity Points recover.

The ACKS version is on RPGNow; thus scheduling my lunch hours for the next couple weeks.

I bought it!

Bought! Looking good, if a bit overwhelming :slight_smile:

Is there (or will there soon be) a “Dwimmermount complete pack” so that we can be sure we’re getting everything? Or even just a list? So far I’ve discovered:

Dwimmermount itself
Dungeon tracker
Map pack
Art pack

Is there anything more? How much redundancy is there between them? (e.g., Does the main book include all the maps, making the map pack more of a “you only need this if you buy the print version” accessory?) If I want to actually run a party through Dwimmermount, is the core book enough to do that or are the add-ons completely necessary to do so?

IANAA, but Tavis has said about the Map pack “Yes, [Dwimmermount itself] includes each of the maps as a full page at the start of each dungeon or wilderness chapter. The Dwimmermount Map Book presents them as a two-page spread, designed for printing as a separate booklet.” Similarly, I believe both the Art pack and Dungeon tracker can be described as “luxury” add-ons. Dwimmermount itself contains everything needed to run a party through Dwimmermount. IMO, it’s a deal for $10.

Dwimmermount (ACKS or LL) and the three add-ons you list are all that I am aware of.

Bought it!

Bought it!

Thanks for the support!!!

There is not a Dwimmermount complete pack, although that’s a nifty idea.

The Map Pack may be advised if you’re looking to run Dwimmermount along with it’s implied environs, the wilderness map in my PDF at least is rough to read, and the hex numbers are illegible.

Presumably the Map Book has a larger multi-page production of that.

From the preview of the Dungeon Tracker, it actually looks pretty handy; the rooms are marked up with monsters/traps/items/treasures, and each level gets an overview of what you can do, acces points, faction notes, quick-hits on history.

It’s what I’d have to do anyway to prep to run the thing, so it’s well worth the money to have someone else do it for you.

so just to confirm, the dungeon tracker is a separate purchase? I don’t mind if it is, I’m happy to toss more $$ at Autarch

It is, yes; $10. It’s well under the time-value-of-money threshold to have a lot of the organizational work done for you. It’s meant to print out on 11x17 paper…OfficeMax or whatever can print that out for less than $10 I think.

I kind of hope Dwimmermount’s presentation becomes a new norm, there’s all sorts of little tidbits and things in here that are just good ideas for anyone’s game, even if not a megadungeon.

I agree, although it’s making me a bit sad because the assumed cosmology doesn’t work at all for my existing campaign so it would be quite a bit of work for me to adapt. I may be making posts here and in the G+ community shortly to discuss how people are hammering it into their own settings.

Bummer to hear that. I bought the core pdf last night and have only been browsing the appendices so far. Enough to know that the assumed cosmology doesn’t really fit my existing setting (heavily based on Red Tide) either, but not enough to know how pervasive it is in the actual megadungeon itself or whether it can be simply ignored in practice.

From what I’ve seen of the dungeon tracker in the DTRPG preview of it, I’ll probably be getting it, even if I never run Dwimmermount, simply so that I can mine it for ideas on packing more information onto my own dungeon maps. I don’t really like it being priced the same as the core book that it summarizes, though… I’d feel better about it if it was, say $15 for core and $5 for the tracker instead of $10 and $10, even though the end result is identical. Human psychology is weird like that.

Eh. I don’t think it’s that limiting; ‘planets’ are just ‘planes’ with a spare “t”. The Red Eld could easily be redone as Drow or something similar, to be made local, perhaps.

May be worth another thread though, so as not to hide something that may be generally useful up in here.

I tend to think that the core module is a steal at $10. The “back” page has a suggested price of $40 :slight_smile: